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Graphics Request Thread [Sunday
July 10th, 05 at 11:33pm]

I meant to do this ages ago.
Comment here using this forum:

Art students are able to get points by fulfilling requests. If one is filled that's okm you can fill it also. After 2-3 people fill a request i will delete it so be sure to save the images.

Icons= 2 points
Sigs/Banner= 5 points
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NEW Term= New Lesson and NEW Challenge [Thursday
July 7th, 05 at 5:55pm]

I decided to make one big post for this class.


1. Lesson one will be worth 5 points. Tell me 3 things you want to learn this term. Rate them 1-3.


I need a new siggy and I'm much too lazy to do my own so use your talents and make me one ;)

10 points for entering 20 to the winner!

Size- 270x70
Font- any
Text to include- Kelly, Headmistress, hp_trivia05
Image- i like hermione alot but i also like swirlies, stars, moons, lots of things

my fav colors are pink, purple, blue black and silver but I am also the HoH for Hufflepuff so those colors are nice too.


EDIT I forgot. Comments will be screened since the challenge is on here.
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Challenge #1- Winner [Saturday
June 11th, 05 at 11:24pm]

Jessi! Congrats- you won 10 pts for Gryffindor!

I have unscreened the comments for you may all see the entries.


ALSO in the future PLEASE PLEASE put your House as the subject in all comments!
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[LESSON #2] [Saturday
June 11th, 05 at 11:04pm]

Lesson #2 Fonts and Colors

I thought these were pretty cloesly related.

What are appropriate fonts for icons? Well it depends. If you want small writing that is still visible to read you need pixel fonts. The most common being 04b and its variations.

Colors: Its important to select colors that go well with your graphics. You don't want to use too much or too little. It is all about balance.

1. Find somewhere that offers freeware or shareware pixel fonts.[5 points]
2. Make a graphic that displays the difference between regular fonts and pixel fonts [10 points]
3. For color, tell me three color combonations you would use with this graphic[5 points]:
under hereCollapse )

Extra Credit[10 points]: Make a signature that uses 3 different fonts, one being a pixel font, and it must have 3+ colors in it. Size 270x70 pixels.

DUE WED @ Midnight Eastern Time
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a short note from the prof [Saturday
June 11th, 05 at 11:51am]

Lesson 2 will be posted tonight. stay tuned!
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I have recieved all challenges [Friday
June 10th, 05 at 3:53pm]

I am about to post them in the faculty room.

Lesson #2 coming soon!
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[Challenge #1] Icon from photo [Tuesday
June 7th, 05 at 12:27am]

Ok my lovelies. Challenge #1.

Picture editing.

I'll post a picture and you have to edit it into an icon that is 100x100 pixels.

I will have the faculty vote on them and you will win 10 points for your house.

ALL ENTRIES WILL GET 5 points for their house
So hey 5 points is 5 points and that means the most basic icon is still a winner.

here is the image:
image hereCollapse )

Good luck!

DUE DATE:Thursday at midnite [eastern time.]

I will post them in the faculty room and let them vote.

Comments will be screened
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Points, Update + More [Tuesday
June 7th, 05 at 12:17am]

Congrats on Lesson 1.

I have unscreened the posts so you can all see one another's answers and resources. I am working on Challenge #1 and it will be posted momentarily.

Great job on the icons also!

Art Prof
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[LESSON 1] [Friday
June 3rd, 05 at 12:46am]

Lesson One-

Ideas, Resources, and the Bare Basics

Part I.
Ideas. Where do you get your ideas? Like all artists, its always good to have a lsit of ideas you keep on your person.

Part II.
Resources. Its important, to me atleast, to know where to go to find things. A new favorite of mine is google. I like to use their image search. I also try avoiding things with watermarks- I try to find things that are freeware or free for everyone to use. Thats hard though seeing as how copryrights are so fickle. I figure icons on LJ= no harm done really.

Part III.
Bare Basics.
I say for this first lesson everyone make an icon using whatever skills you have.

1. List three ideas for any graphics you have and want to make in the class (2 points each).
2. Find up to 3 good sites other than google to find good images to work with. (3 points each).
3. Create an icon using whatever basic skills you have that includes in some fashion the following(5 points):
-your house
-some type of text
-the eyes of a hogwarts student

That is 20 points possible.

Extra Credit worth +5.
-Tell me if you want lessons once a week or twice a week. I'm up for either. Or if you'd prefer icon/banner/siggy/graphics challenges in the mid week and assignments/lessons once a week.

Thanks! Comments will be screened. [DUE DATE- Sunday at midnight ET] (sorry i forgot this)

-Art Proff,
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Intro Post [Wednesday
June 1st, 05 at 4:30pm]

Students. Please fill out the following information when signing up for this class.
Also, place your House name in the subject.
This intro post will be worth 5 points for students.

Terms Completed at HP_TRIVIA:
What graphics editing program do you use:
Rate your experience level 1-10, 10 is highest:
What do you want to learn:
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Welcome [Sunday
May 29th, 05 at 5:17pm]

This Class is going to be available to the public to view, mostly because we will be doing things for the hptrivia05 community. I will have it up and ready to go asap.

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